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How BasicBites®

High-Tech Oral Care in a delicious soft chew
BasicBites® are mouth-watering, 20 calorie sugar free chocolate flavored soft chews which coat teeth with a patented blend of essential nutrients that help maintain enamel health. They were developed to help support the teeth of millions of adults and children* who have dry mouth, a sweet tooth, acid erosion or for those seeking additional oral care support.

Although BasicBites may look and taste like a candy, they feature a patented breakthrough technology developed at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine that represents a revolutionary advance in oral care.

Each BasicBite contains:
•Arginine and bicarbonate to help maintain the right
acid/alkaline pH balance on your tooth surfaces
•Calcium carbonate to enrich and fortify your enamel

*Recommended for children over six years of age.

How do they work?—
Supercharging Your Mouth’s Natural Defenses
The Way Nature Intended

The revolutionary technology behind BasicBites is the result of landmark research at the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine on how to nourish “good” bacteria on the surface of teeth to help preserve enamel health. BasicBites coat and enrich teeth with a patented blend of two vital nutrients found in healthy saliva – arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate.

BasicBites Nourish Good Bacteria— Fortify Enamel
For decades, scientists have known that bad bacteria living on tooth surfaces in dental plaque convert sugars from the diet to produce acids that are harmful to teeth. The scientists at Stony Brook discovered that good bacteria also live in dental plaque.

Dental Plaque contains billions of microbes, some good, some bad.

Dental Plaque from human sample seen in phase contrast microscope 800x

These scientists isolated a key protective nutrient, arginine, which is found in healthy saliva that nourishes these beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria convert the arginine in BasicBites to produce protective buffers instead of harmful acids. This natural process neutralizes plaque acids, supporting a sustained healthy acidic/alkaline pH balance on tooth surfaces. The calcium in BasicBites enriches and fortifies healthy enamel and bicarbonate provides additional buffering.

See how BasicBites® work
BasicBites - There's a pH tug of war going on in your mouth
International Association for Dental Research awards highest honor to inventor of BasicBites® technology
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Supporting Science
Over 40 years of scientific research in the field of oral biology led to the discovery of BasicBites.
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Dentist and Hygienist

Working behind the scenes —
® help support
existing normal pH levels even
in the presence of sugar
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