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Do you have patients who consume excess fermentable carbohydrates or have dry mouth?
Now you can recommend a revolutionary yet extremely easy way to activate microbial alkali generation, counteract plaque acids, fortify enamel and help maintain oral homeostasis. BasicBites® coat and replenish teeth with a blend of vital nutrients – arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate. This breakthrough patented microbiome technology is based on decades of research investigating how mixed oral bacterial communities naturally interact with saliva to help maintain enamel health. BasicBites are recommended for children six and over, teens and adults. Patients and dental professionals can order direct at Eating just two delicious sugar free BasicBites each day is clinically shown to help maintain enamel health. View one year clinical abstract.

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Basic Bites: Caramel and Chocolate

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How They Work

Alkali Generation by Oral Bacteria – A microbiome approach to dental care

BasicBites are a major new development in oral care based on decades of research by internationally recognized scientists at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine. It’s been known for decades that bacteria living in dental plaque convert sugars from the diet to acids that over time can damage teeth. Stony Brook’s scientists, however, discovered beneficial pH-raising bacteria that co-exist with the harmful bacteria in microbial ecosystems on tooth surfaces. These researchers also identified a vital salivary nutrient that these “good” bacteria metabolize, generating base or buffers.

Their discovery led to the development of BasicBites, which act as a prebiotic to trigger the mouth’s natural processes for protecting teeth. BasicBites sugar free chocolate soft chews’ saliva-based nutrients – arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate – help maintain enamel health by:

  • Nourishing beneficial pH-raising oral bacteria
  • Activating microbial alkali generation
  • Counteracting plaque acids
  • Helping sustain a normal acid/base pH balance on tooth surfaces
  • Supporting the remineralization process
  • Maintaining healthy oral biofilm communities
Review one year clinical abstract and decades of supporting science

Arginine Bicarbonate

Arginine is a common amino acid produced by the body and is the key substrate in saliva that beneficial bacteria in biofilms metabolize to produce alkali. This pH-raising process results in immediate and sustained buffering that can neutralize sugar acids and help keep teeth in their healthy pH (acid/base) balance.

Bicarbonate is an important acid-neutralizing buffer also naturally present in saliva. Together, arginine and bicarbonate can help maintain the right acid/alkaline pH balance on tooth surfaces and support the remineralization process.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is a mineral found in saliva important for remineralization. A healthy neutral or elevated oral pH environment creates conditions that favor mineral repair instead of demineralization.


RDH Magazine: Arginine

A magical weapon in the war against oral microbial diseases.
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International thought leader Dr. Brian Novy discusses BasicBites Technology developed by renowned researcher Dr. Israel Kleinberg SBU School of Dental Medicine

Excerpts from presentation at the Oral Healthcare and Equity Sumit in Washington D.C.
Finally oral healthcare professionals have a way to improve saliva and nurture the growth of beneficial bacteria.
Brian Nový, DDS

Dr. Nový is an international thought leader in the science of dental caries management and evidence-based dentistry. Dr. Nový is a Fellow in the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, and the Academy of Dentistry International.

The combination of arginine to raise the pH and calcium carbonate to provide a protective coating for the teeth provides the benefits our patients need.
Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH

Karen Davis is an accomplished author and a practicing dental hygienist in Dallas, Texas. Dentistry Today has recognized Karen as a Top Clinician in Continuing Education annually since 2006.

I can’t believe we finally have a dental product that not only is good for our patients but also tastes good! My patients and I love BasicBites!
John C. Comisi, DDS, MAGD

Dr. John Comisi is an Assistant Professor at the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine, part of the Medical University of South Carolina. He has been in the private practice of General Dentistry since 1983.

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